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Scottish or Canadian?

Choose your pleasure, or double it.

Choose your pleasure, or double it.
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You know how some days you just want a tasty helping of Hayden for breakfast,
But by dinnertime you’d like a big spanking portion of Ewan for dinner (and, of course, custard for desert.)
Then, in the middle of the night you want to mix leftovers from both meals into one gigantic yummy slashy snack?
Baby….you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to hay_ew….THE place for worshipping the boys YOUR WAY!
You obsess only for one…that’s cool!
You squee over both of the boys…even better!
You cannot live a day without some mention of the power the Scot and the Canadian have exerted over your life… You are speaking our language!

Your comm founders and mods are bitchygrrl and sith_wench. Honey! that should tell you ALL you need to know about the no-holds-barred attitude of this community.

What we do here:
FAN FIC: Any way you want it. Het, slash, threeways, RPS or FPS, G to NC-17. Pair the boys together or put them with separately with anyone else you’d like. (Well, except Tom Cruise, see comm rules below.

HUMOR/SPOOF: Yes, we love a good sense of humor when it comes to our boys. We can joke about them in a loving way, even though we love them like we are blind and we love it when they love us when they are blind and of course, we love them when they are loving us blindly whilst we brush our hair on the comm balcony.

PICS/DRAWINGS: Yummy pics are welcome! Please follow rules listed for using lj-cuts.

ICONS: Welcome if they relate to the boys in some way. They do not have to have both boys in them.

CHAT: Tell us the news you read about Hayden and/or Ewan, what they are up to, news about movies, etc. OR just talk about what is on your mind about the boys. We are a comm of H/E fans, so we lean towards the positive, but you can express concerns as well. Like perhaps something along the lines of “What is up with Hayden’s new haircut?”

FUN THINGS: We are fine with quirky things like photo manips, cartoons, or something totally new like the brilliantly funny puppet slash by the one and only sky_s_master.

Community Rules
1) All pic and art work greater than 500 pixels wide must be behind an lj-cut, and include a rating for all art and photo manips (G-NC17)
2) All fic must be behind an lj-cut. In addition you must include a rating ( G-NC17) , and please warn for the following content: kink, angst, dark themes, or character death. You are more than welcome to write about any or all of the above (Hell put them all in one story.) That said if you are sensitive heed the authors warning, because . . . well see #3.
3)No Flaming other posts or users. We are a saucy but friendly bunch. Don’t make us get our flying monkeys.
4)On fanfic, etc. No underage stuff please.
5)Absolutely nothing kind may appear on this comm about Tom Cruise. You may say all the mean things about him that you wish, in fact, we encourage it.
6)We retain the right to delete any off topic, flaming or inappropriate posts or comments.
7)Pictures of the boys are more than welcome, but no posting tabloid stories of rumors and what not about their personal lives.
8)Last, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Enjoy these beautiful collages made for us by our resident kick-ass manip gal isilwen

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Wee Kitten 2005-2007
Rest in Peace our little sweetie-pie, you brought us many many smiles and much joy.

Hayden and Ewan LOVE wee_kitten!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and MUCH LOVE AND THANKS to isilwen for the lickable banner and the wee kitten manips!

We love our buds at the playground! Go and visit!

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We also love the ladies over at

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